Nineteenth Congress

Federated States of Micronesia

Senetor Alik L. Alik

Member of Committees on: 4-year representative, State of Kosrae
  -Health and Social Affairs DOB: January 26, 1953
  -Transportation and Communications USIU & Graceland College
  Elected to 13CFSM, 2003
  7th Vice President of the FSM (2007-2015)
  re-elected to 19CFSM (2015)

Senator Alik L. Alik is the at-large or four-year representative of the State of Kosrae to the Nineteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia and holds membership on the Congressional Committees of Health and Social Affairs and the Committee on Transportation and Communications.
From May 2007 through May 2015, Senator Alik served the Nation as the Seventh Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia.
Senator Alik is a seasoned diplomat having represented the Nation and the FSM government throughout the Asia and Pacific region for over 18 years.
Born on January 26 1953 in Kosrae, Alik completed high school in 1973 and went on to the United States International University in Hawaii until 1976 when he transferred Graceland College in Iowa. While at Graceland College, he was awarded an internship in 1979 by the Government of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI) to work for the Department of Education. He returned to his home state of Kosrae and worked as a counselor for the Kosrae High School.
Having completed his internship and obligation to the government, Senator Alik returned to Hawaii in 1982 to further expanded his education at the University of Hawaii Law School – Paralegal Program. He completed his two-year program and was immediately hired by the FSM Supreme Court to be a law clerk at. The same year, in 1984, the Department of External Affairs hired him as one of their Foreign Service Officer and was quickly promoted to Deputy Chief for the Division of South Pacific Affairs.
In 1989 he became the FSM’s first ambassador to Fiji and to most of the island nations in the south pacific and held the post for the next nine years. As FSM’s Ambassador to Fiji, Alik was also cross-accredited to Israel, Tonga, Nauru, Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In 1992, he earned the distinct honor of being the Dean of the Diplomatic Corp in Fiji until 1998 when he completed his tour of mission in the Pacific.
Upon completion of his Pacific mission, Senator Alik was immediately appointed to represent the Nation, this time as the FSM’s Ambassador to Japan. He again was cross-accredited to various nations in Asia, specifically: the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.
In 2003, Senator Alik took a leap onto the political realm and won the State of Kosrae 4-year seat in the 13th FSM Congress. On May 11, 2003 he became a Member of the 13th Congress and was elected chairman of the committee on Resource and Development with membership on the committees of Judiciary & Governmental Operations and also External Affairs. During the reorganization of the 14th Congress, Senator Alik assumed the chairmanship for the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.
On May 11, 2007, Alik was seated as the Seventh Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia and maintained the role until the end of his Administration term of eight years on May 10, 2015.
He entered and won the special elections of 2015 and was seated on July 7th as his Kosrae’s four-year Member in the 19th FSM Congress. He is a current member of the congressional committees on Health and Social Affairs, and Transportation and Communications.
Vice President Alik is married to the former Shra C. Lono and they have two (2) children, Greg and Ursulla. 


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