Committee to Wait Invited President Mori to Meet with the Entire Congressional Body

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. Prior to the commencement of Day two of the 4th Special Session of the 18th FSM Congress on July 8, 2014, the Committee to Wait on the President, chaired by Senator Yosiwo George of Kosrae, met with President Mori, Vice President Alik, and their key staff to inform the President that Congress was in Session and ready to transact business.
For better collaboration between the two branches on certain issues, the Committee also extended an invitation to the President and his key staff to meet with the entire Congressional body to discuss more on the recent Presidential vetoes, and other matters of national concerns prior to any Congressional actions during the session.
The President gladly welcomed the Congressional invitation, which is expected to take place at the President’s office in the early days of the Special Session.
The Committee further explained to the President that the priorities of the 4th Special Session would be to determine Congressional actions, if any, on the three Presidential vetoes on recent Congressional Acts.
The three vetoed Congressional Acts include CA No. 18-76, which in brief is an act to appropriate $5.1 million for public projects and social programs in all four states; CA No. 18-75, which in brief is an act to specify May 12, 2015 as the effective date of Chapter 3 of the FSM Telecommunication Act of 2014; and CA No. 18-73, which in brief is an act to place one member of each government on the board of trustees of the FSM Trust Fund, and to establish State sub-accounts in the same trust fund.
Although no specific priority items were offered during the meeting for Congress to consider this Session, the President requested that Congress make it a priority to take part in the 2023 planning initiatives.
For more information on this meeting, please visit to view the Committee’s Special Committee Report No.18-08.