PALIKIR, POHNPEI. December 21. 2016 – Congress has during its recent Special Session confirmed Susaia as Ambassador for the Washington Embassy and Hainrick to maintain his post as National Public Auditor

The President had called for special session highlighting the need for the Congress to address certain nomination pending before the Body. The Nineteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia convened its Seventh Special Session and adopted Congressional Resolution (CR) 19-318 to confirm Akillino Susaia to be FSM’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the United States of America in Washington, D.C. 

Susaia had previously held important positions for the Nation including FSM Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Secretary for the national department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure and also the post of Secretary for the national department of Economic Affairs.

Another adopted nomination was CR 19-328 which confirmed Haser Hainrick to serve as the Public Auditor for the Nation. As reflected in his resolution, Hainrick had served the same position in previous administrations and therefore possess the requisite qualifications.

Congress also confirmed three nominees the President wish to continue their tenure on the FSM Banking Board and they included CR 19-314, for Alexander Narruhn; CR 19-315, for Joseph Habuchimai; and CR 19-318, for Reed B. Oliver.

Along with the nominations Congress adopted CR 19-320, to approve a 500,000 grant from the US Department of Interior, Office of Insular Affairs to fund the Single Audit for Fiscal Year 2016 as required under the amended Compact.

In addition to the resolutions, Congress had during the Special Session passed several Acts to clarify certain public projects and use of funds previously appropriated for social programs in the states.  Congressional Act (CA) 19-138 changed the use of certain funds previously appropriated for public projects and social programs in the State of Yap. The State of Chuuk also had changes to certain funds previously appropriated for social programs and public projects and they are contained in CA 19-139 and CA 19-140.

Through CA 19-141, the State of Kosrae de-appropriated $100,000 from its infrastructure priority funding that was allotted through a previous law and placed it in CA 19-142 to fund the defunded programs and activities of the government of the State of Kosrae. Also for the Kosrae was CA 19-143 which changed use of certain funds previously appropriated for public projects and social programs in the state.

Congress passed CA 19-144 to clarify the use of the FSM’s United Nation’s membership fees and related contributions. The final measure from the Congress is CA 19-145 which changed certain allottees and uses of funds previously appropriated for the State of Pohnpei.

The five-day special session convened on December 14th as called by the President and adjourned sine-die on December 17, 2016. 


* * *