Congress Delays January Regular Sessioin


     PALIKIR, POHNPEI. January 06, 2017 – The Nineteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia has delayed its January Session or its Sixth and final Regular Session from January 10th to convene instead on the 23rd of January.

     In light of its recent back-to-back special sessions in November and December 2016, Congress decided to delay the final Regular Session of the 19th Congress by a few weeks to allow time for all national government entities to submit their issues of relevance in the Nineteenth Congress Body.

     Regular Sessions of the Congress of the FSM, as amended by Public Law 13-59, are to be held three times a year:  on the 10th of January, 11th of May and 12th of September unless a different date is set by the Presiding Officer with consensus of three-fourth of the members.  The duration of a Regular Session is 20 days unless extended or shortened by Resolution.

     As agreed to during their last special session, the January Regular Session of the Nineteenth FSM Congress is therefore delayed to the 23rd.  The sessions of FSM Congress are always open to interested members of the general public.

TWC: 01-17

* * *